Magnaflux: Nuevo banco húmedo de partículas magnéticas Magnaflux para inspecciones de alta velocidad [Video]

Universal WE es un banco húmedo multidireccional diseñado para cumplir con los requisitos de velocidad de las instalaciones de producción de alto volumen

Magnaflux is introducing a new multi-direction magnetic particle wet bench – one that is specifically designed for speed. The Universal WE wet bench is designed with automotive customers in mind. In fact, the Universal WE is the best-selling Magnaflux equipment in Europe and has been the preferred wet bench for European automotive OEMs and suppliers for years. The Universal WE is now available in North America to complement the existing line of magnetic benches from Magnaflux.

What makes the Universal WE so fast? For starters, the Universal WE is a multi-directional machine. It is designed to completely magnetize the surface of parts, up to 35 inches in length, with a single shot. This means you only need half the time for magnetizing, half the time for bathing the part, and half the time to inspect the part. No more need for additional coil shots!

The Universal WE can further increase speed without sacrificing process control by setting up automatic sequencing mode. The Universal WE can be easily programmed to automatically clamp, bathe, magnetize and demagnetize the part. This feature will ensure operators are testing parts quickly and consistently. The Universal WE will also be configured with a large surface shower system. This overhead shower system will reduce the inspection time per part by bathing the entire piece at once automatically with magnetization.

The Universal WE is an AC only machine, which reduces the complexity because most automotive manufacturers only need to look for surface indications, and therefore do not need DC capabilities.

Speeds Up the Inspection Process

Reduce your part inspection time significantly by utilizing the Universal WE’s extra-long, coil-less, multi-directional shot capabilities. If that isn’t enough, take advantage of the large surface shower system and automatic sequencing mode to completely optimize your inspection process.

Improve Process Control

A high-speed production line demands better control over the entire process. With the Universal WE, operators can save over 1000 techniques right on the machine, which reduces the chances of error. Also, the automatic sequencing mode can ensure that each step in the process is being carried out and is the same as the prior part.

Real World Reliability

The Universal WE will stand the test of time because Magnaflux stands behind our products. We offer the best in class service and will be providing a spare parts package to ensure that your production line never needs to endure extended downtimes.