Magnaflux – Conozca la medida de reducción de riesgo más efectiva para aumentar la seguridad de los inspectores de campo.

Improving Your Bottom Line with an Ergonomic Yoke.

Ergonomic Design .

The equipment used for magnetization, especially yokes, have basically been the same for decades. Across many industries, advances in ergonomic design have greatly improved working conditions, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of long-term injuries. There’s no reason why similar gains can’t be made with magnetic particle examination in the field.

Y-1 AC Electromanetic Yoke

Lightweight, less than five pounds, and ergonomic with a molded grip and trigger on/off switch, the Y-1 has impact and chemical-resistant construction

Yoke Test Weight

The Yoke Test Weight is a certified 10 lb / 4.5 kg weight designed specifically for AC magnetic yokes to confirm the yoke has sufficient strength to perform magnetic particle inspections